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Fasting for Foodies

So the holidays are now over. All the end of year reports are piling up and we're feeling bloated from too much champagne and turkey. It's time for a little rest and detoxification. FOODIE.CH™ healthy options for 1 day, 3 days, 1 week and 2 week detox/ fasts. We've searched for the most non-invasive but effective treatments for detoxification.

What's always good to have during your fast is:
-- loofa sponge for skin brushing
-- tongue scrapper
-- portable toothbrush
-- cold pack for the eyes

We've divided this article into 2 categories:
1) is DIY -- do it yourself
2) is the Luxe Detox

Disclaimer: If you suffer from any medical conditions, ailments or take medication, please consult with your medical practitioner FIRST before you proceed to fast. This article is an accumulation of information & opinions from medical professionals, nutritionists, alternative medicine practitioners and first hand accounts but is not is not intended to replace the services of a physician. This article is not a paid promotion for any products or facilities listed below.


Say NO to carbs, cigarettes & caffeine. Try to avoid TV & computer; stick to fruits and vegetable for the day. Start your detox with an early morning walk on the Vitaparcours trails ( Eat lightly throughout the morning. Take a nap if you can. Spend the afternoon at the Hamam Spa at Fitnesspark ( Eat a light dinner and early to bed . If you are still feeling blocked, try a light enema or teaspoon of glauber salt in a glass of warm water.


The Dolder Grand Spa
Treat yourself to a day at the Dolder Grand spa. Book a Reinvigorating regenerating treatment by Kenzoki , a 60 min Detox Massage Therapy by Kerstin Florian, Cellular Detoxifying Back Treatment by La Prairie or an Antioxidant vitamin C infusion. You can also book to use the pools for the day.

photos: (L) Haman @ Fitnesspark; (R) Peter Hebeisen for Dolder Hotel AG (The Dolder Grand Spa Sunaburo)


Biotta Wellness Weekend Juice Fast
Swiss company BIOTTA has been producing organic juices since 1951. They have devised a 3 day juice fast , accompanied with teas, flax seed and instruction booklet to guide you through the process.
For the lactose- intolerant or milk allergy sufferers, some of these juices contain whey. Consult Biotta's website for beverage substitutions.


Thermal Baths in Vals, Graubunden, CH
A favourite go to place for the Swiss to relax for a weekend , Therme Vals is simply stunning. Hot pools, warm pools, outdoor pools that frame the mountains like a postcard, ice water baths (make note to self: must cover your mouth to smother your screams) and more. Vals also offers plenty of services such as Manual lymphatic drainage (great for circulation), Stone massages with cleansing body exfoliation and a full range of Ayurvedic treatments. It also has hotels attached to the facilities. Night swims until midnight on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday for guest of the hotel. The inhouse restaurant is divine. Detox weekend packages available.

(L) Therme Vals (R) Biotta Products: photos : m. charles


Biotta Wellness Week

Most of the™ contributors have tried this fast (but not all of us completed it). It's an extension of the wellness weekend as it is a juice fast but there are a few prep days required. To tell you the truth, this detox is not easy. We recommend that you try it while on vacation or when you aren't having a stressful week ahead of you but the end result is great. If you drink plenty of water, you'll start to have full body rushes and giggles. At the end of the week, your mind feels clear and stomach is light. The Wellness Week is available at most health food stores and pharmacies.


Mayr Health Spa (Austria)
Is renowned throughout Europe as THE detox center to go to. It offers a tailored packages and complete support program/team to ensure that you're not harming your body during the detox process. Due to the clinics rising popularity, they now sell (through 'THE ORGANIC PHARMACY') pre-detox products to help make your transition into their program easier

photo (L): Biotta Wellness Week ; (R) Mayr Health Spa


If you are thinking of fasting for a longer period, ask yourself if there are more long term dietary adjustments that can be made to your daily rountine. It's important that you speak to your doctor first. To take a two week fast without medical advice is risky. Severe fasts can cause the body to go into to shock and put stress on your organs.
When you are going to do a 10+ day detox, look for fasts that allow you to supplement your detox and eat certain foods . Weight loss by fasting is not the way to go. Every professional we consulted said only a permanent modification of diet in combination with exercise, can lead to healthy long term weight loss.
Try Wild Rose Cleansing Kits Supplements. 12 days with a modified diet and supplemental products.


The Lanserhof

Another program from Austria. Lanserhof is well known for its longterm detoxification programs. They offer an array of service and you will be constantly surrounded by healthcare professionals


images are property of Lanserhof Gesundheitszentrum Kurhotel GesmbH