photos: m. charles


Some of our readers requested a few of our display secrets, so we decided to start with a classic :

Layered Coffee

Tools you'll need:

  • a whisk
  • a small pot
  • milk
  • tall glass
  • stove top espresso maker

  1. Step 1. Warm the milk in the pot. this can take from 30 seconds to 1min. You don't want the milk to be too hot because that can spoil the frothing process.

  2. Step 2. Remove pot from burner. Slightly tilt the pot on its side to form a deeper pool of milk. Whisk the milk (with full force) until a layer of foam starts to form. Pour foamed milk into glass. You will see a clear division of the foam and milk. If you don't see any foam, pour milk back into pot and repeat whisking.


    If you have a milk foaming device (ikea makes a good one), then foam warmed milk directly in the glass. Leave approx 2.5cm of space at the top of the glass.

  3. Step 3. Make espresso using a three-cup stove top espresso maker. Once the espresso is made, make a small hole in the foam with spout and SLOWLY pour the espresso into the milk. When pouring espresso, do it about 1/2cm away from the side edge of the glass. The foam will rise and you will see a layer of espresso between the foam and the milk start to form. If the milk starts to swirl, than you are pouring the espresso too quickly... and that's it!

Now you know how to make layered coffee like a pro. If you'd like to see more trade secrets, don't be shy and send us an email : info@