photo: G.A.P. Design Italia

Transporting pies, cakes or tartes can be a daunting task. The last time we tried it, we had to double hand hold a cake, on the train from Brooklyn to Stamford and we still arrived with half the cake pressed into the box.

When FOODIE.CH™ was in Milan for the design fair, we were pleasantly surprised by G.A.P Design out of Torino, Italy. They produced a product called 'Cake Away' which allows you to transport your favorite pies/cakes with ease. Not only does the 'Cake Away' allow you to carry your cake safely from point A to pt.B single handedly, it also comes with a decorating stencil and a cake cutter. 'Cake Away' displays beautifully, is easy to clean and it's reusable.
Genius! We'll take two please...