photos: m. charles

It's not only our bodies that need a good cleanse once in a while. The concept of detox can be applied to all aspects of our life, especially in the kitchen. Consider this a good project for the weekend.

A good starting point :

Throw out expired food
Wipe cupboards, shelves & handles with warm water and soap
Sharpen your knives -- every good kitchen has sharp knives
Clean glasses & plates -- get on your step ladder cuz you're cleaning the good glasses on the top shelf
Clean the fridge-- don't forget to replace the old box of arm & hammer

Clean oven-- use a non-toxic spray cleaner (K2R odourless cleaner available at or good old elbow grease
Treat all wood counter tops with wood oil
Polish the silverware -- For those of us without a washing machine this is the most tedious task
Get rid of broken appliances, dishes & cups
Dispose of old cleaning products safely

Once this is done, take stock of what needs to be replaced and then head to the sales to detox... your wallet!