Graduate of Le Cordon Bleu with a Grand Diplome, Adele Hagan is a creative and imaginative Foodstylist based in Toronto.

Her resume extends into editorial work, television and feature films (such as Harry Potter and Batman Returns).When Adele is not foodstyling for Wolfang Puck or cooking along side renowned chefs for The Royal Family outdoor excursions, she is working with FOODIE.CH™ as our North American Contributing Editor.


As our Contributing Editor for France, Iris Salva (a former TV presenter for ‘Demandez le programme’) has an eclectic and extensive background in consulting, event planning and promotion. A true definition of frequent flyer, she has lived and worked on 4 continents. How Iris manages travelling, being a mom and cooking like a goddess is a mystery. But her sharp eye for food and her flare for being in the know is an asset to the FOODIE.CH™ team


A designer, photographer and founder of FOODIE.CH™, Malene Charles is a firm believer that you can have fun with food no matter what the restrictions are. With years of dance and athletic training under her belt, she loves figuring out ways to incorporate dietary alternatives into her everyday. Based out of Zurich, Malene is excited to share FOODIE.CH™ with other foodies on the web.


is an acclaimed Vinotec founded in Zurich 1892. They will be recommending what goes best with our recipes. info[at]vergani[dot]ch

our resident negotiator, translator, photo assistant and general jack of all trades. stefan[at]foodie[dot]ch