photos: m.charles

The holidays have expanded to include more and more culturally diverse festivities. Here area few decorating idea for modern holiday table dressings.

Christmas:  Make it glam!! Gold, Gold, Gold! There is so much gold this season, we might as well take advantage of it.

What you'll need:

Gold paper or fabric

White and Gold plates

Champagne glasses

Napkins and napkin rings.

- Use the gold paper/ fabric as a tablecloth. 

- Pair a gold plate with a white plate to balance the glare of the gold.

- A simple white napkin with a gold napkin ring.

- Old school champagne glasses make a party feel like a scene straight out of  ‘I Am Cuba’.

Gold Bowl (Villa Denmark Collection , available at : 19.90chf/each); Gold Plate (available at : 29.90chf/each); Striped Silk Napkin (Globus Home : 16.80chf/each); Kahla Aysmmetric Plates ( ; available at Globus: 'Tao' series-- medium 12.90CHF); Gold Leaf Holders (Globus Home : 18.90chf/each); Gold Candles ( : 5.90chf/pkg); Gold Napkin Rings ( : Michael Michaud "Sage" Table Art series-- $55 USD /pkg of 4); Gold Fabric/ Paper ( : 5chf/per meter); Champagne Glasses ( : 25.90chf/pkg of 4)

Hanukkah: When we think about Hanukkah, the idea of demure and wholesome come to mind.

What you'll need:

White linen napkins

Linen or felt placemat


Ceramic bowls


- Try to aim for earthy, muted tones with hints of blue.

- Print out a Star of David trace and cut it out on blue paper.

Glass (Pomax Home Collection : 6.90chf/each); Linen Napkins (Pomax Home Collection : 12.90chf/each); Felt Star Placemat (Globus Home: 39.90chf/each); Handmade Bowl & Plate (Globus Cucina: 'Basic' series-- 15.90CHF/each); White Candles ( 5.90chf/pkg); Utensils (Berndorf ; available at Manor: 'Parma' series)

Kwanzaa: Since Kwanzaa is newly celebrated holiday, traditions are open to interpretation. We went for bold, bright fabics and organic materials.

What you'll need:

Wood Bowls

Black, Green or Red candles

African print fabric

- The more dynamic the fabric, the better.

- Accent the table with an exotic flower

African Printed Fabrics (45chf) & Horn Spoon (82chf) (available at Lea Kray: ); Wood serving tray, Bowl and Saucer (available at 29.90chf, 11.90chf and 3.50chf/each); Black Candles ( 5.90chf/pkg); Utensils (Berndorf ; available at Manor: 'Parma' series)