photos: m. charles

A romantic dinner for two doesn't have to have all the pomp and fuss that normally comes with the holiday. A subtle place setting, a good meal and great company is all you need.

What you can try:
Colour -- Red can be stimulating... if you're a bull. Too much red can be garish. Try using warmer tones such as lavenders or mocha browns to set the mood for the meal.
Flowers -- a small bouquet of seasonal flowers are a personal touch .
Table cloth-- a graphic piece cloth or fabric to cover your table.
Etagere-- a small two-tiered etagere (in silver or gold) is a great way of presenting your after dinner sweets or chocolates
Cutlery-- if you don't have special plates, invest in nice cultery. Since the majority of department stores sell cutlery as individual pieces, put aside a set for two that you use only for romantic occasions.

table cloth fabric (free spirit fabric)
etagere (globus)
cutlery (berndorf available at Manor)
bowl & plate (kahla available at Globus)
Flowers with olive leaves (garten eden zurich)