Restaurant Hotel Greulich

Herman Greulich-Strasse 56
CH-8004 Zurich
Phone +41-43-243 42 43
Fax +41-43-243 42 00

Hotel Greulich opened it's doors in 2003 as Zurich's first design hotel. Located in the beautiful part of kreis 4, Greulich is fitted with your typical swiss design features but what makes it stand out is its spectacular restaurant headed by chef David Martinez Salvany. Chef Salvany is part of the new guard of catalan chefs who are pushing the boundaries with experimental slow food cuisine. It is not an exaggeration to refer to the food here as heavenly. Every plate is breathtakingly presented and divine to taste. With frequent menu changes, there is no one signature dish so it's better to go with the FOODIE.CH™ favorite Surprise Menu which consists of the chef's inspiration for that day.

Since we foodies have the tendency to indulge, one must go there with an open mind... and a full pocket book. This is not the place for the thrifty diner but it is worth every rappen.

We decided against featuring a recipe from Greulich's menu. With all the complex flavors and textures... you'll just have to go there yourself to find out.