photos: m.charles

Graphic plates (Interio : 8.90chf/each); Felt for placemat (Ikea 1chf/each); Pokal Glasses (Ikea : 4.95 chf/6pieces); Kahla Squared plates ( ; available at Globus: 'Abra cadabra' series-- long 25.90CHF; medium 11.90CHF; small 7.90CHF)

Symmetry, bold graphics and colour: A perfect table setting for a light lunch with friends.

What you'll need:

Colorful felt squares (4)

Long serving dish (1)

Graphic print plate (4)


A long, white serving dish can help bring out the colours in any spread. It also gives the illusion of plenty even when that is not the case. Use bright colored felt for placemats. Cut the felt into whatever shape you desire (stars, triangles, blobs, etc). The end result is a table set for fun.